Personal Instruction (continued)

The Nate Smith Basketball School is dedicated to providing professional basketball instruction to students of all ages regardless of skill level and basketball experience. Specializing in individual, group, and team basketball training, the Nate Smith Basketball School has many objectives:

  • Everyone can be a good shooter with proper technique
  • Focus on shooting technique (form, repitition, confidence)
  • Intense ball handling instruction
  • Defensive, rebounding and conditioning drills
  • Secrets to becoming big game players
  • Secrets to make the jump from an average player to an exceptional player (work ethic)
  • Instruction on how to workout by yourself or with partners
  • Individual play within the team concept
  • Developing the work ethic and confidence to become a standout player
  • How to deal with adversity and success
  • The importance of maintaining a basketball routine and sticking with it
  • Developing mental toughness and quick decision making abilities

Individual and small group instruction is conducted at the new Nate Smith Basketball School Gymnasium located on 819 Greenbag Rd. in Morgantown, WV below Chippy’s Transmission Service. The Nate Smith Basketball School Gymnasium offers a high school regulation basketball court with 6 adjustable basketball hoops and seating for 60-100 people. The gym is also available for rental. Call (304) 225-6727 or (304) 376-2190 for directions and /or rental info.

Times for individual and group lessons at The Nate Smith Basketball School  are flexible and can be arranged for your convenience by calling(304) 225-6727 or (304) 376-2190. All lessons are 55 minutes in duration with the initial lesson being primarily an evaluation of skill level. Prices for the lessons are listed above. For more information about times and/or prices or to arrange a lesson please call (304) 225-6727 or (304) 376-2190.