What is the Nate Smith Basketball School?

What is the Nate Smith Basketball School?

Check out this video produced by Liza Heiskell at Park Street Productions which outlines our methods and training techniques for success in basketball and beyond!!

“Nate Smith is one of the finest individual instructors I know. If you truly want to improve as a basketball player, Nate and his staff can immediately assist you with that development…just be prepared to work hard and have some fun!”

John Beilein (Men’s Basketball Coach, University of Michigan)

“Nate Smith has helped me in all aspect of my game. In the summers I would workout with him and he has helped me improve my shooting tremendously. He knows the game of basketball and that is what makes him such a great teacher.”

Mike Gansey (former WVU standout and current pro basketball scout/administrator Cleveland Cavaliers)

“Nate’s coaching makes all the difference. My son Jamie was cut from his seventh grade basketball team; with Nate’s help and lots of hard work, Jamie started and was the top shooter for his high school team as an 11th grader. Nate Smith and his shooting program are the best.”

John Karraker (parent of NSBS student)

“If you are serious about improving your basketball skills, I would highly recommend Nate Smith’s program. My son, a member of the WVU basketball squad, drove 140 miles weekly for Nate’s workouts during the summer. Nate Smith’s instruction is definitely the best “bang for the buck” for players wishing to become fundamentally sound and wanting to competeat a higher level.”

Dave Tallman (Magnolia High School Head Basketball Coach
2000, 2003, 2015 State Champions)

“My son is very passionate about basketball. His shyness kept him from his full potential on the court. Nate started working with him in 3rd grade. In just one season I saw my son develop self confidence on and off the court. His love of the game shines with passion and drive. Thank you Nate.”

Autumn McDaniel, Proud Parent of NSBS Student

“Nate’s program is essential for anyone wanting to take their game to the next level. Nate has a remarkable way to teach skill execution to perfection while instilling a great level of self-esteem.”

Leighann Giuliani, Proud Parent of NSBS Student

“Nate Smith’s method of instruction has changed the way our son plays basketball. As his skills have increased, so has his love for the game. The techniques are a proven step-by-step approach to develop both offensive and defensive skills. Players who follow Nate’s techniques will achieve the ‘perfect shot’. Nate stresses the importance of attitude and clearly delivers a positive message to his students. We highly recommend Nate’s instruction to anyone who wants an improved game.”

Dawn Beto, Proud Parent of NSBS Student